Custom-Made Garments: Get something one-of-a-kind made for a special event, a costume party, or just for your life! Evelyn has years of experience making custom pieces, and can take you through the entire design process from sketches to measuring and pattern drafting, to fitting the mock-up, and finally delivering the finished garment into your hands. This service is ideal for building a more functional wardrobe of items you truly love!

  • Copy vintage garments in your collection in new fabric so you can continue to wear the silhouettes you love

  • Remake beloved garments that no longer fit, can no longer be purchased, or are wearing thin

  • Identify silhouettes and styles that suit you and build a wardrobe around them; create a “capsule collection” of mix-and-match items that allows more outfits with fewer pieces

  • Create a garment that you would like to wear but cannot find in a store

While it is more costly to have a custom garment made than buying something from a fast fashion corporation, these pieces will last for years—even decades—if cared for. Additionally, once your pattern is completed, you can have endless replicas and variations made! Ultimately, paying more for a custom-made garment is more cost effective over the long run. You will also never have to worry about seeing someone wearing the same thing! “Slow-fashion” is growing more popular as people seek quality garments that will last, and that they can be sure were ethically produced. Join the movement today and commission your new favorite piece.

You can now purchase a gift cards; don’t guess what piece of clothing someone might like—let them design it themselves!